Thursday, 29 January 2009

declutter crazy

My total life laundry is still ongoing, no idea for how long but I need to sort this out on a regular basis in order to free up my creative mind. I have already seen the results of this so I won't stop until I am where I want to be. 
I have just thrown out a box of much treasured recipes. I don't exactly know why I treasured this box. It is a collection of at least 15 years. Some were taken from Holland, most of them collected in London and now of course they have been 'resting' in Manchester for a number of years. The box has been on many a removal van. I have often looked through the box and planned to make certain things, although why I kept Delia Smith's Guide to Poultry I don't know. It is not that I am a vegetarian but I hardly ever buy meat. 
I remember most of the magazines the recipes came from, I remember the seasons, the day I was looking at them first, etc. But now I have decided to chuck the whole lot in the waste paper bin. 
It is not that I am trying to get rid of all the memories with my fresh start but I don't think it is wise to hold onto this box that will open up memories perhaps at times when I don't want them. Call me simple but I do think that if I don't have to look at them I have locked certain things safely away in the back of my brain. 
Enough of my melancholy. The sun will shine again tomorrow. 

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