Monday, 26 January 2009

Flower Power

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I was on something today, I was so full of beans (or just my usual old self again as one friend put it!). 

My life laundry/decluttering is going quite well. The emptier the house the more ideas I get. I've always read that that is the way it goes and I never doubted it at all but when it actually happens it is really nice. The hallway now looks like a charity shop with lots of things in bags and boxes hoping to find a new home. I recently discovered freecycle and it is a great way of donating unwanted items.

Anyway I started today to finish a quilt that was started by the grandmother of a friend. It was made the way it is supposed to be I feel, from old clothing and scraps of material. A lovely item and I am honoured to have been asked to finish it. It smells a little musty but I am sure that it will go now that it is out of the bag (otherwise I will have to get used to it as it is quite a few hours work).

To break up the work I decorated a hessian book bag. I am considering this to add to the line of eco-friendly bags. I will show it at the next fair and test the reactions. 

In order to reduce a pile of felted jumpers next to my work table I have made some more felted flowers to decorate bags, pockets, necklaces etc. 

Not entirely sure where this sudden burst of energy comes from, there are probably a number of reasons. One of them could be that Spring is in the air. I noticed the first of these lovely flowers in the garden. Their name totally escapes me, I know they are called 'Snow Bells' in Dutch (this doesn't help does it?). They are so lovely, pure white and fragile in the midst of dead leaves and branches. 

Let's hope I will continue my week like this!

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