Sunday, 1 February 2009

Kung Hei Fat Snow

It was such a wonderful sunny morning and the monkeys were really excited about the Chinese New Year celebrations in town. We've been a couple of times and last year was a lovely sunny day too, we were strolling about eating our noodles. So after lunch we went into town, just in time to see the dragon appearing at the far end of the road and we stood in the middle right at the front. Girl monkey was particularly excited; I had to lift boy monkey on my shoulders and he was at the right height to come eye to eye with the dragon's face, shame I couldn't see the expression on my little boy's face! It was such a lovely afternoon but bizarrely at the end of the procession it started to snow. A truly beautiful and magical sight, all the Chinese lanterns and balloons everywhere with all this snow coming down. I sincerely regretted not taking my camera with me.

What else did we do these last few days? Sadly I can't boast about any progress with upholstery or websites. Yesterday we went to the PTA's race night. I am not in favour of betting or gambling of any kind usually but am thrilled to say that boy monkey's horse won one of the races. This started of girl monkey's requests for money to place numerous bets (no luck unfortunately for her so I promised to split the money that her brother won which upset her even more because she thought I was going to tear the money in half making it useless!)

And then there were the lovely toddlers in art class. This week we talked about Picasso. We had some wonderful examples of funny faces and cubist art and they all got really in to it. Some used newspaper clippings to create fabulous compositions. I do hope they will continue doing this when they go to school. These little ones are so creative.  

I've got a week full of meetings but hope to post some crafty stuff!

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