Thursday, 7 November 2013

Happy Holidays

Due to a lot of things going on we had a late Halloween celebration but that didn't harm the fun! Boy monkey made a pumpkin with a snotty nose and I got inspired by a polka dot design from one of my friends. She'd only given birth a few days before and produced the most amazing pumpkin! 

We had some lovely friends staying over and all the little (and big) ones went mad on the face paint. It's best never to grow up really, too much fun to be had when there are no worries in life.

Mini Betsy is forever asking to have something that resembles my favourite pink Cava and finally the brilliant people at Shloer have come up with an alcohol free version of just that! It kind of has the same colour and is in the same festive bottle. It proved to be most popular and I know it will be purchased many a time for the upcoming festive season. As it happens there is a "white" variety too that we shall be sampling very soon. I loved the taste of the "Celebration Pink Fizz" and I know for sure that it was the highlight for some at our delayed Halloween party. Thank you Shloer!