Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Magic hessian party bags

My business partner's little boy had a birthday party and in true fashion Rosana provided the most exciting party bags. Eco friendly hessian bags with magic goodies; she even painted the wooden magic wands herself! Such a star. 

My monkeys really love these bags but as the My little shopping bag ones are decorated I embellished theirs with their initials. Boy monkey also wants a plane added to his now though. 

I didn't find the will tonight to do this. I burnt part of the dinner due to an argument with a six year old (is there any point, she always wins anyway). She actually had the audacity to tell me I was playing up like a child and I shouldn't because I am a grown up! Help! I only said she had to go upstairs to have a bath. Well I told her a number of times and then got fed up because I felt like replaying a boring CD. Anyway.... I'll try and make a nice felt camouflage plane tomorrow. 
It is time to hit the covers with a good book. 

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