Monday, 12 January 2009

Willie Wonka at Mary Poppins'

I've taken the monkeys and a friend to Mary Poppins at the Palace Theatre here in Manchester. This was a fabulous show, a more elaborate story than the movie and so well done! I enjoyed it a lot more than the Wizard of Oz which was pretty good in itself. The dancing in Mary Poppins was fabulous and Mary Poppins' exit better than Michael Jackson's rocket trick. 

Girl Monkey's friend enjoyed her first theatre visit and told her dad all about the treats she'd had : lemonade, candy floss, crisps and godstoppers [sic]! Don't you love those little people? The gobstoppers we found last week, during our quest for Wonka bars. Girl monkey had spotted them in a shop and was thrilled to bits to find all these treats from Charlie's Chocolate Factory! 

I am up to my ears in curtain fabric again more about this soon....

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