Saturday, 1 November 2008

Post - halloween blues

We are all exhausted. The last few days we had a sweetie overload and too many activities. Thank goodness we didn't have a post-halloween party but it feels like we did. We had a ball last night at the scary party. It was complete with drinks in a witch's kettle, apple - bobbing, a lucky dip coffin filled with gooey stuff, entertainers and trick or treat bags. 

The trick or treating itself was great fun complete with all the treats, money and toys but I am afraid to say that I need to hide a couple of bags. The two monkeys came back with a bucket and a bag of sweets each. It makes me feel slightly sick!

I told them they could choose five each to take to the craft fair today to avoid buying lots of sweet things there but somehow they managed to find a few doughnuts and biscuits whilst helping me out. They were ever so good selling my wares and I am thrilled to bits. My bags and necklaces nearly sold out, the Christmas labels and gingerbread figures were a huge success and I have requests for more! So rather than having some time to relax, I will be sewing first thing tomorrow again!

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