Monday, 10 November 2008

Where to start?

I am starting to loose the plot a little. With all the craft fairs coming up I know I need to focus but it is hard going at the moment. The Reason (yes it is a big reason)? My stash of fabrics. Well if only it would be a stash, they are spread over a couple of rooms in bags and boxes. Because we moved house quite a few times in the last few years I couldn't be bothered to unpack everything all the time. But now it is getting to me. Mr Betsy doesn't quite see our space problem as he is at work all the time but the monkeys and I would quite like to have a bit more room for our things. I know that a studio on a farm near the seaside is not ever going to happen but just a small spare room for me and a room for girl monkey who keeps boy monkey awake at night now would be nice. 

What is my solution to this fabric problem? 1. get a cheap and cheerful bookcase that I can paint to my liking. 2. Pick up the first fabric that I see and do something with it (this could keep me busy for some time). 

So as I picked up this furry animal print first I decided to make a slouchy dress for girl monkey. 

The fabric next to it had a lovely Tinkerbell print that looked nice for the bias binding. 

And with some left over fabric, beads, buttons and an old zip I made her this brooch to pin up wherever she likes.

I fancied a little denim skirt for myself and found an old pair of jeans in the rag bag that I turned into something useful again. 

The bottom part of the trouser legs ended up in Christmas stockings I made for the monkeys. Yes the cream fleece was the next bit of fabric I picked up. It was a massive shawl that was a freebie with some cosmetics last year. And as is often the case with freebies, the quality of the shawl wasn't great but perfect for the stockings. 

I am now going to put my feet up with a cup of tea, my novel and a piece of home made carrot cake!

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