Sunday, 2 November 2008

Busy Betsy's been spoilt

Nothing seems to last forever but one thing that I treasure and that never seems to leave me is friendships. I truly love my friends and I know they will be there for me at every hour of the day, come whatever situation. The age old saying that when some doors close others will open is just so true. I feel like I am starting a new life and my friends are there for me all the way, helping me out in whatever way they can. Friends seem to have an extra sense for whenever you need that little bit extra TLC. 

I do not know why I get this sentimental but I just felt compelled to write about my truly blissful evening. Yesterday I was given a TV with a big screen by some friends (the monkeys were thrilled), today they came round with a wonderful sofa and armchair. So instead of doing some sewing as planned I sat down on my lovely new comfortable sofa, in front of the big screen watching a certain Mr Clooney who gets better looking by the year (I never fancied him in ER at all) in Leatherheads, snuggled up with big woolly socks bought on honeymoon in Peru (feels like another century) and a beautiful cream woolen blanket sent by our dear friends from New York. A truly blissful evening that made me appreciate again what I have got and how lucky I am to be spoilt by wonderful friends!

Smile and the world smiles with you!!!

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