Friday, 7 November 2008

La vita e bella

I woke up with a smile today. I often do but it is always better when the sun shines and today was yet another beautiful autumn day. Another reason I had a smile on my face was because I was thinking about last night. My friend Liz and I had a great night out; we were treated to make-overs, drinks, lots of goodies and fun company in town and it was just so good to be out and pampered! Mind you I am doing a lot of fun things at the moment. 

And then of course the best reason to smile was because I was expecting a group of toddlers coming to make some fantastic art. Today's subject was Seurat's Bathers. Initially I had planned a textile printing session but because of the beautiful weather that made me long for the beach I thought that Seurat's work would be more fitting. The little ones painted lots of boats, whales, storms at sea and crabs in a pointillist style. It was lovely to see them concentrating while painting with cotton buds. Of course my own monkeys wanted to do the same this afternoon but somehow they seem to have less patience and instead of dots they painted a few big streaks!

Evie painted some rather scary waves with a little boat on top (above); just so imaginative!

Now it is time for bed, I should go to sleep but can't wait to finish my book (De eetclub, Saskia de Noort). 

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