Saturday, 29 November 2008

Gingham at the Christmas Fair

Fascinated still by Yvonne Droge Wendel's talk yesterday at the Whitworth I started to look around the house today to see if I had any obvious ginghams, apart from the stash of fabrics in the sewing basket. I absolutely love gingham patterns and my favourite colour is red although I have used the navy blue one for party bags, wall hangings and in projects with a Dutch theme (I wonder why?).

Anyway here's where I found gingham : 

Cushion covers on my Ikea chairs (a Swedish look, fabric bought in UK and inspired by Dutch interiors)

On the cover of a book about Dutch food :

On jam jar lids (French). I have been collecting them for a while because I love the pattern, they are very useful storage jars and look miles better than plastic containers.

Tonight Mr Betsy and I took the monkeys to the Manchester Christmas Market. I was told the best market in Europe at the moment and whether that is true or not we had a fabulous time. Plenty of gluehwein and food from all around Europe abound, we really felt on holiday. It was a little too crowded to take pictures but I was pleased to see the red gingham at the Dutch Cheese stand and at another German food stall. This universal pattern lightened up the place.

Something else lightened up the market : the fabulous Christmas lights. The trees were tastefully decorated and the lamp posts had the most adorable light parcels hanging off them  (sorry pictures not great....) 

Apart from all the food we bought I found these adorable Christmas tree decorations. I do not know who made them but there is a sticker saying Made in Cubria. I look forward hanging them in the tree. 

Tomorrow we are off to Ikea, better get some rest now (partying students permitting!)

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