Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"My Little Shopping Bag"

I can't quite believe it's nearly 10 days since I last sat down to write anything but hey there we are. It has been quite an exciting week, not least because of the great success of our "My Little Shopping Bag"! We've done a lot of sewing, selling, promoting and received the loveliest comments. Rosana and I were absolutely thrilled!

Anyway the week started with a fun evening of wine tasting in a local tapas bar organised by the lovely Olayinka of UKTogether. There were about 50 wines on offer but after about 20 I really couldn't taste anymore. We've made it good though by ordering some so we can taste some more at home. That was a great solution don't you think?

Then in between sewing we went to another great event organised by the wonderful ladies of Innerglo. I was so looking forward to this event and it really didn't dissappoint. Innerglo is a fabulous new social networking group for mums in Manchester and Cheshire and their events are extremely well organised. We got talks from a business consultant about work-life balance (sometimes hard to get right), a lady who had been on Dragons Den and a couple of life coaches. In between we socialised and best of all drink Champagne! 

Then on Friday the little ones from the Arts and Crafts Club came along to do some stamping. We used ready made stamps and made our own from cardboard, potatoes, funky foam and stamped pictures, gift wrap and textiles for shoe bags. The mums now have the lovely task of sewing these, I am looking forward to the results!

And then on Saturday we had the first big event with our bags and they went down fabulously. We couldn't have hoped for more and best of all they are now being stocked at Pixie in Didsbury. This store just sells the most adorable baby clothing and the coolest and most beautiful children's wear. 

I don't really know what happened with the rest of the week apart from catching up with sewing orders and sending of Phoenix cards parcels. To end the night I will quickly finish this little girl.....

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