Thursday, 30 October 2008

Busy Betsy doesn't have enough hours in the day

Not enough hours in the day has always been my complaint and I don't think it will ever change. It's not that I can never say 'no' to anything but simply that there are so many nice things to do, people to see, places to visit and I always think I can pack it all in a day. 

It's half term this week and although we hadn't planned a lot we've done a lot of fun things this week. First there was girl monkey's friend Mia's party and I am still suffering: the pink champagne was lovely. Shame they don't have purple as that is her favourite colour (wine merchants take note!) We brought along a bag with purple flowers, I hope she likes it, if not she can come and choose at the stall on Saturday.

Then there were all the pre-Halloween parties. Is Halloween itself not enough? I just hope there's not going to be any post-parties as well. We did days of spooky biscuit decorating here, there and everywhere. We carved pumpkins, had three days of practising party make up (my cream rug in the lounge is the perfect example of how not to do it!), made black cat masks in the shopping centre, witches hand puppets in the library and the monkeys managed to do several 'trial runs' of trick or treating! 

Rosana and I made lots of labels for Saturday, are there really enough?

Mind you having said that, they are selling fast already. I am getting a little stressed out though; I've put what I am going to take to this first Christmas event in the corner of the living room but there seems so much to do still. I've packed up my Phoenix products, the bags and labels that I did with Rosanna, I've got the necklaces and Christmas decorations, brooches and bags but I feel I've still got a million things to iron and sew HELLLPP!

If I am not going to find enough hours in the day tomorrow it has just got to do and then it will be onwards and upwards for next week. I've got one big goal : Mr Betsy has promised me a new car and I really want to contribute to that! 

Sleep well if you're still up....

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