Friday, 10 October 2008

Karel Appel inspiration

Where did this week go? I cannot believe that time can fly so fast!! Well a few things happened, Mr Betsy and I got ourselves a new car (well third hand but still great) and needed to sort out a lot of paperwork, I've started a new bag project with my friend RosanaI've been busy planning Christmas events, fairs, decorations etc. And a few things didn't happen but I won't bore you with that....

Today we had a lot of fun in our house with the arts and crafts club for toddlers. We made family portraits inspired by Karel Appel's picture of children. All the little ones had collected natural materials; anything from leaves, twigs and berries to corks (lots! the mums had been very active there) and lollipop sticks. I love working with natural materials and they are so easy to paint. 

There were some really lovely family pictures, some of just a dad or a cat, but all so well done. I would love to display them all on my walls. 

At the end we enjoyed a nice drink with a slice of banana bread. This was the easiest recipe ever from Nibblous. I added some cinnamon, everyone loved it, even girl monkey who is not keen on bananas anymore.  

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