Friday, 17 October 2008

Beautiful Autumn Days

I absolutely love this time of year. The gorgeous sky, beautiful colour of the trees, the sunshine on lucky days like these and when it is cold outside the first smell of fireplaces being lit. It all makes me very happy. On top of this are the first preparations of the holiday season. I have mentioned this before and it often starts too early but now that it is getting colder it makes me very happy indeed. I have already made plans, I want to give my monkeys the best Christmas ever. I've decided to stay at home, have a big tree and join in all the family celebrations around South Manchester. I am used to being on my own for New Years Eve so I don't think there is going to be be any change there. Gosh I am getting too sentimental, it must be because I've just come from a 40th birthday party! It'll be mine next year....

I've had a lovely productive day. Planted oak trees with boy monkey and his friends in the park , finished a load of felt gingerbread men, a number of necklaces (for some reason the picture just deleted and I can't get it back) and started decorating the first of the little shopping bags for little girls.

Oh and I got very excited when the doorbell rang and I saw the postman. No, not because of the postman but I knew what he was holding! I had ordered a couple of books for presents, for the monkeys and one for me, Cath Kidston's Make and it even has a little tote bag to decorate inside. I cannot wait to start. 

Here's another lovely item I'd love to make. I will be curling up with this book and a cup of tea in bed tonight (don't tell Mr Betsy, it's not very romantic!) and get some more inspiration. 

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