Sunday, 26 October 2008

'Degas' Masterpieces

We had a lot of fun again with the arts and crafts club. We focussed on Degas' sculpture of Marie. The children were moved by the Laurence Anholt story and then the girls tried to create their own version of his ballerina. Although I do not wish to create any gender issues, having a four year old boy monkey myself, I did expect the boys in the group to be inspired by a Degas Horse. 

This little darling by Evie is so cute :

Whenever I walk into my living room and see all their wonderful creations I get a smile on my face. I wish I had them round all the time. 

This is the last week before the first of the Christmas fairs and I do need to focus, stock is going so fast that I haven't been able to put anything on Etsy. Oh dear....

Finally finished my novel False Impression. It was a fast pacing book and I couldn't wait to finish it but the day before last I fell asleep in the bath and when I woke up I found a soaking wet bundle floating on top of my tummy. A good blow dry yesterday did the trick and I was able to open the pages again. I don't think Mr Betsy was impressed......

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