Sunday, 12 October 2008

My lucky day

Such a glorious day it was today! We spent most of the day in the park, our garden and the neighbour's garden, sipping tea, having a chat, just lovely. The monkeys hung up the newly painted bird house in the garden and stuffed it with seeds and bread. 
I always said that I never won anything because I was so lucky in love. Well today I have won something and let's not ponder about what I said earlier! It was a lovely cookery set, a stylish apron, glove, towel and wooden chopping board. 

The day ended with a lovely party, Sundays can't get any better than this (well apart from sharing it with Mr Betsy). I know I need to concentrate on my bags this week so it was great to relax today.

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Heleen said...

Hi, I like the artclasses you did!