Friday, 3 October 2008

Christmas preparation

All of a sudden Christmas isn't so long off at all. Summer has only just been (well not really as we didn't have one) and we have already started to count down the weeks to the holiday season. The monkeys will be learning their songs at school soon and I have started to prepare for the the Christmas fairs in the next few months. There were cards galore as my Phoenix order arrived. My floor looked like this :

My table like this :

So I needed to do a bit of clearing up before I could finally start making things again. It is not always easy to get organised when all your lovely friends pop in for a chat and a nice cup of coffee. As a special treat today I made a delicious apple - plum crumble pie (I hope Mr Betsy is impressed, don't they say that the love of a man goes through his tummy?) Anyway by the end of the afternoon my table looked like this :

Meanwhile I have cut quite a few bits of fabric but as I am in the middle of making butternut squash soup I'd better go to the stove. I really am trying to impress Mr Betsy! If only I had the energy to make some crusty granary rolls to go with it but alas I am not perfect.......

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