Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Busy Betsy is developing green fingers

After years of picking up gardening books I am finally getting my hands dirty in the garden. Still very cautious, and I clearly haven't read enough books on the matter but at least I have made a start. The last few days I have been cutting back quite a bit, very carefully though because last year I cut back too much of the orange blossom and I've only got half of it left now.

I've always loved picking wildlife flowers but cutting flowers from the garden comes a close second and this little bouquet of roses cheered up my bedroom this morning.

I hate to mention it but with some of the cuttings I made the base of the first Christmas wreaths. They were highly praised last year so I am hoping for another good result this festive season. 

The monkeys and I then planted some seeds and we are now awaiting the first signs of :

spring onions
runner beans
and mint 

I am hopeful because remember these?

All of them have now turned into lovely strawberry plants!

I picked up some little herb tips from  Joe  Swift's book Joe's Allotment. I'd better read on, I wouldn't mind growing my own vegetables too!

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