Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The way to a little and a big man's heart

Little men, I've concluded are easily pleased. Boy monkey got more presents again today and he just loved the gift wrap alone. I really liked the wrapping of this one, a gift from his buddy, who looked really pleased when I told him these were my favourite colours. 

Big men, a different cup of tea altogether; are we all in agreement? Anyway, as I was doing some gift shopping today for my brother on the other side of the pond I stumbled upon some useful household items. All brightly coloured to cheer up my day and I really still need cheering up. I was always told a way to a man's heart was by cooking fabulous meals (let me tell you it didn't work and really nothing to do with my cooking!) but my mother told me recently that a way to keep a man is to keep a tidy and clean house. Now I was never up for homemaker of the year but with my lovely new tools I might give it another try next round....

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