Monday, 4 May 2009

The future is Orange 2

I realise I have used this expression on several occasions in the past few months but it seems fitting somehow to entitle this blog post this way. 
Last Thursday started as any happy day, the sun was shining and the monkeys and I were excited to celebrate "Queen's Day". A tribute day to the former Queen, Juliana's birthday is celebrated throughout the country. For a nation so down to earth it is amazing to see everyone go mad, dressed mainly in orange, wearing orange wigs, even dressing up dogs and lamp posts!
A fabulous article on Etsy shows just some examples of this. 

As every year, girl monkey had orange hair clips and a red, white and blue ribbon in her hair and I made sure we had some orange food to eat that day.

However later on my brother called to say that not only had mum been taken to hospital, there had been an alleged attack on the Royal family by some loser who drove his car through the crowd, thereby killing and injuring several people and causing a huge amount of grief and shock for many. I am still in shock that this happened. More on this in this article

On another note today the monkeys and I took a friend to Brookside Garden Centre in Poynton. A lovely place for all your gardening and craft needs but more importantly it has these lovely little railway trains that take you round the centre for a small fee. Boy monkey was glowing as we drove through the tunnels, faces hidden by steam and seeing all the old signs. It is lovely and quaint and will not fail to please young and old. We might go back again next week!

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