Friday, 15 May 2009

Busy Betsy's week of fun

It has been a fabulous week of fun! It all started at Grado's where we were entertained by Paul Heathcote and enjoyed lovely wines and tapas. My favourite was a Pedro Ximenez Sherry, I couldn't get enough of it. Thankfully I haven't found it in the shops yet!.

The fun then continued on my birthday. I was unbelievably spoiled by friends and family, eating great food all day long and in the best places in town. The monkeys had prepared the most delicious breakfast for me (with instructions on a napkin from Mr Betsy) and made sure I will smell nice for the rest of the year with a great Happy Bathday box. Some of the bath balls look so nice it is almost a shame to use them. 

Thank you all for sending me lovely cards. Most of them were in a shade of pink, now that's telling. 

I had great fun putting together the costumes for the play Fencing for Losers. An absolute must-see play that will be staged in Buxton and Didsbury over the next few weeks. 

Today I spent some time in Macclesfield in a lovely yarn shop called Button & Skein. Just the type of shop that I would love to own myself. I only walked in to have a look around and introduce myself (and my work of course) but couldn't help myself buying a lovely kit to make a skirt for girl monkey. You might think why I would want to buy a kit but the pattern and the colours were really beautiful and I thought perhaps she could help me make it as the kit is so easy to follow. 

One thing I didn't enjoy so much this week is getting my online stalker of my back (yes you know who you are). I do not understand why a random stranger who does not appear to have the same interests is becoming so obsessive but I guess some people do not have anything better to do. 
Anyway tomorrow is going to be a busy day, can't tell what I am going to do just in case the stalker might like to come along...

I did do some work this week, made a new range of "My Little Shopping Bags" and introduced the Mini Masters to Meret Oppenheim's work. More about that another time. It is time for a bath ball now. 

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