Monday, 18 May 2009

Mini Surrealists

As promised in my previous blog here are the images from the Mini Masters Surrealist session. The little ones were introduced to Meret Oppenheim's Object, a fur covered cup and saucer from 1936, currently in the MOMA, New York.  
We had talked about Surrealism before and although it is a fabulous topic with some great images for children it isn't all that easy to explain to three and four year olds. However Oppenheim's work is a great starter for toddlers and we had good fun transforming these cups and saucers into something surreal. When I said that once covered the cup couldn't be used anymore one little boy was very disappointed. We quickly said to him that he could put his marbles in it and he was all smiles again!

The lady at the charity shop looked most confused when I told her the lovely tea set wasn't going to be used for drinking but would be covered in fur!

Yesterday boy monkey had a go-karting party and he came back with a bag full of fabulous boys' presents. One of them made me laugh. His Ben10 Alien Force DNA Heroe came with great instructions. For some reason I read the line in Dutch, don't know why as I never read the Dutch part in manuals, however I am glad I did. It said : create a powder wave by holding the figure upside down! Stupidly I looked at it again, then realised that the translator had looked up the wrong word in the book : 'power surge' got translated into 'powder wave'! It would have been fun to have an alien hero dispensing some lovely scented talcum powder...

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