Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mobile Swap 2009

I am so excited because today I started on the mobile for Elsie Marley's swap. I was excited from the moment I signed up although I did have to think hard for a few days after I received the details of my swap partner. Her favourite colours are purple, yellow, black and white. 
Now some of you may know or remember that purple is really not my favourite colour (see my blog entry 11 Sept 2008) nor is yellow and I never craft with black. Purple has certainly grown on me (again) in the last 6 months and yellow, even though I never wear anything yellow or use it in projects, always cheers me up (which is a good thing bearing in mind I need to do a Rainbow Square in yellow). I do find it hard to make a craft project in black even though I do wear black clothes. 
But as I went through my textiles and my ribbons and beads boxes I got very excited when I found these bits and pieces : 

 I have found the perfect wire construction that I am covering now and have come up with a number of objects to hang on the mobile (I won't show the drawing, it would give the whole thing away). I couldn't resist taking pictures of the first attempt though :

I probably will be crafting until the wee hours as I am really into my little project!

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