Monday, 9 February 2009

Luck again for Busy Betsy

I am sure I have mentioned this before but a lot of thing have come my way these past few months and I do feel like a lucky girl indeed. I will come back to my lucky strike today again in a bit but first wanted to tell you all about Babies in the City
This fabulous new guide lists activities, restaurants, parks, day trips, etc. for families with children under five in and around Manchester. 
The guide is published by Jo Maxwell, who like me came up North about 5 years ago, and the listings have been tried and tested by mums. Now the best bit for me is that one of the mums who attends my Mini Masters arts and crafts club has done a lovely write up about me and the classes in this guide (thank you Andrea!). Please do go out and buy a copy of this guide!

If that wasn't lucky then this certainly is :

The picture may not be entirely clear but this is a double children's school desk and shoe locker, apparently from the '50's, from a school in Manchester. On my way to the Save the Children store this morning I saw these items being unloaded and immediately liked them. However I did not know how to get them to my house. A quick witted mum then kindly asked the couple who donated the items if they could drop them off around the corner (which they did) and then gave me money for the items as I didn't have any money on me, how kind is that! Thank you Maxine! See, that is why I never want to leave Manchester. I have never met people that are kinder and more helpful than here!

Back home I had a massive clear out (yep that is still ongoing), created more space in the bedroom (what for?) and crafted some brooches. 

Let's see if tomorrow is a lucky day again...

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