Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dutch Imports

Here are some things I brought back from Holland. Some jolly fairy cake cases. Couldn't choose between the turquoise (my favourite colour) or these red ones but I thought these reminded me more of home and would fit my red, white and blue kitchen better. I should have bought both colours but I am hoping to go back again in the summer. 
Then there's my late great aunt Pie's jelly mould. Yep that really is an old Dutch name, fitting for the object but it is actually pronounced Pee. I know this doesn't make it any better (LOL as I am writing this). 
Apart from that I brought back Dutch peanut butter (even the Irish agree it's the best!), many varieties of crisps (even though I am far from a crisps fan but these Dutch ones are delicious) and Dutch apple pie. 

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