Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wanted: Pompom ideas

To kill a few dull hours on our trip in Holland I made a basket full of pompoms. Some have disappeared into and onto monkeys' belongings but there are still a fair few lying around. I found them strangely addictive as it was a good way of using up all the left over yarn, some of which had been lying around for a good 30 years. I have no idea though what to do with them. Any ideas gratefully appreciated!

I had a pretty productive day on the home front (more about that in the next few days hopefully). This is what the monkeys' room looked like yesterday :

This afternoon it looked like this:

They were very happy with their new storage cabinet and have promised me to tidy everything away each night. The House Fairy will be thrilled.... Please do sprinkle some fairy dust on my bedside table too ...

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