Saturday, 19 July 2008

School's Out!!

Yoohoo the holidays have started! I have just composed and printed off the script for the next 6 weeks. This sounds rather rigorous but it isn't. Over the last few weeks I have gathered leaflets from local museums, libraries and other nearby venues that organise activities for free or for a minimal charge. I have put this information in a calendar and added various parties and commitments that we already made and hey presto a nearly full calendar. I am in the process of making a lucky dip pot for those moments that we might be bored. We've got theme days(various nationalities, colours), home cinema, park, baking, painting, crafting. Of course if we don't feel like doing the available activities then obviously we won't and might resort to a lazy day with books on the sofa or in the garden, but at least I do not need to worry about not having anything to do. 
I am glad that yesterday was the last day of term, I just love having the monkeys at home but I was also getting very embarrassed taking my girl monkey to school in the last couple of weeks because of her shoes. They didn't last very long at all, i.e. a month and they were plastered on the inside with all her good behaviour stickers. Is this a common thing to do nowadays? It doesn't help hygiene and if she'd keep them on it would be fine but she is ever so happy showing her stickers off to anyone!

I don't think I will achieve a lot on the craft front in the next few weeks but here's a little project for the next few nights. Mr Betsy came home the other day with a very practical but rather dull conference bag. I managed to find a piece of fabric with a flower that just covers the logo on it that I ironed on today with bondaweb. I will embellish it in the next few days and hope to use it lots as it has quite a few pockets on the inside. I'd like to have an organised bag for a change!

Also I am making lots more Suffolk puffs (had enough of these yet?) to liven up a dull skirt. I am going for small ones this time rather than the big ones that I used on everything last summer.

One thing I do need to do is come up with an idea for a circus cake. Girl monkey is having a Circusology party at the end of the summer and would like a circus cake, layered if possible. I haven't looked into it yet but if anyone happens to have a great idea and would like to share it, I would be more than grateful!

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