Tuesday, 8 July 2008

More Suffolk puffs

My work table was a very happy place to be today. Girl monkey's friend Mia left a bunch of lovely flowers at the front door yesterday afternoon and I put them right where I can see them all the time. I looked after her and her little sister on Friday and she thanked me with these in her favourite colour purple (even her bedroom is purple!). Though I have always said it is not my favourite colour it is starting to grow on me and I really like the shades of the flowers. 

Girl monkey made a lovely drawing for me last night that I could use as a 'design' and as she had such a poorly head on Sunday I wanted to make a little surprise for her . 

I had this maternity top lying around in the pile of fabric that needs sorting out and made a little skirt out of it. I am not used to taking pictures yet of works in progress but luckily remembered when I cut off the top. So here we are.... and of course I could have ironed...

I used her design to decorate the front and back of the skirt with some Suffolk puffs (there's a surprise!) and some buttons. There are three on the back but with shorter stems and a little closer together.  She was delighted. 

I took boy monkey on the bus after nursery to do some shopping at Hobbycraft and the book stores. I picked up a couple of lovely books. I really liked Danielle Proud's House Proud, I had wanted it for a while but had never seen an actual copy so this was a nice find. I think I have unknowingly tried all the projects in the book but it is so nicely put together that it is certainly worth adding to my craft library. 

After picking up girl monkey we went to the children's art gallery at school. It was so nice to see the art works of all the years together, there were some really stunning pieces. Boy monkey did "Myself" and girl monkey "Island at night". I quickly wanted to put a red dot on them in case someone else would snap them up! Girl monkey encouraged me to buy several other pieces and didn't quite understand that mummies and daddies might want to buy their own child's work (and just that one). Both monkeys's works have a proud place at home now. 

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