Sunday, 21 September 2008

Summer in the city

Unbelievable, autumn has started but summer has only just arrived! The last few days have been absolutely glorious and we have spent them around the various parks of Didsbury. This morning we started with a lovely walk around the Fletcher Moss garden before moving to Didsbury Park for a picnic. Yesterday we went to Fog Lane park for a country fair. We were most amazed by the demonstration of the falconry association, the bird was so clever. There was willow weaving, wood carving and circus tricks by a local company. The monkeys really enjoyed tight rope walking, I would have loved to do that myself!

The weekend started creative though with the mother and toddler arts and crafts group. This week we focussed on Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Everyone loved the story Camille and the Sunflowers and we had a real one to get some inspiration from. We started of using the conventional yellow, brown and green but then one little boy (whose favourite colour is yellow) asked for some purple, and we got the glitters out and the little ones created the most fabulous pieces. 

Next time we will be looking at a Karel Appel and I am sure we will create the most surprising works of art. 

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