Friday, 5 September 2008

Arts & Crafts Club

We had a lot of fun today! The children had the giggles when the mums were drawing around them and had a good time choosing materials to use for their collages based on Tony Cragg's sculptures of found objects. We all had a great time and even my poppy seed cake that lost the top last night as I shook it out of the tin, went down well. 

One of the girls made a fabulous outfit with pink materials and bubble wrap and the twins decorated the loveliest double-act.

After all the fun my friend Jo drove me to Stockport as she didn't want me to get on a bus in the pouring rain. I am really blessed with fabulous friends, they'll do anything and everything for me and are such a good support. They are good as gold, I wouldn't know what to do without them. 
Anyway I was pleased to introduce Jo to a fine shopping experience in Stockport and enjoyed a lovely lunch with her. 

Today is my niece's birthday. I'd send her a message to see if I could call her at home but no.... she's rehearsing with Lionel Richie......

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