Saturday, 6 September 2008

Bubble and squeak

Two and a half years ago I picked up a leaflet from the Global Art Project for Peace. The information on the front : "Create a work of art expressing your vision of global unity to exchange with a person in another part of the world " caught my eye but sadly I was too late to register. I had kind of forgotten about this organisation but luckily kept the leaflet and found it again earlier this year and I was very excited to register. I love the idea that thousands of messages of peace are being sent around the world simultaneously as it was planned for the end of April this year. I kept up late the night I registered, could not sleep at all and kept seeing round trees in my mind. I made drawings of what I wanted to create as a peace message and this wall hanging was the result. I will not go into detail to explain why I used the symbolic and the materials/colours I used but if anyone is interested please let me know and I will gladly send the full explanation.  

And look what I got in the post! I know it isn't April but there is a reason why this arrived a little later. Anyway I got this fabulous box decorated with wonderful papers and a string of beads and messages; I was truly thrilled. But then I noticed the tissue papers through the hole at the top and although for a moment thought that it was very nice tissue paper I then noticed more papers underneath and wondered if there was anything inside. 

And guess what, Christmas came early for me! It was such a wonderful treasure box. Tina and Carol, these wonderful ladies from Montana made all these lovely peace messages together to send them all the way to me. There were wonderful texts attached to branches, some put on a string of beads, a lovely figurine of Kannon the goddess of mercy and compassion and lots more. This art project for peace could not have come at a better time. It has lifted my spirit; I wish that everyone could start by finding peace in their heads and hearts. It would make the world a better place. 

On another note, I have lived in the UK for nearly 15 years and there are many traditional dishes that I still haven't tried (and I am sorry to say this but some I will not want to try at all). So tonight I made bubble and squeak for the first time and it was delicious. I made the version with potatoes, primo cabbage, onions and bacon. It is quite similar in a way to a traditional Dutch dish called Slastampot which is prepared with lettuce instead of cabbage, the onions are left out and mustard is added. The bubble and squeak though was so nice I ate for two. Having entirely lost my appetite since coming back from Italy it was great to fill up again!

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