Monday, 6 July 2009

Mini Masters explore Nikki de St Phalle

What happened to the heat wave? Just got used to this lovely sunshine and now I feel like putting the heating on. Also what happened to the academic year? It has flown by. One more session and it will be the last of the first year of Mini Masters. I haven't been a good blogger recently so I failed to write about the sketchbook session but here are some images of the Nikki de St Phalle workshop. I absolutely love her work, just looking at her works really cheers me up and her sculptures and mosaics are very appealing to children. Most of her well known works are very colourful, bold and shimmery. 

As a starting point for our session we took one of her Nana sculptures and traced around it to form a template for our clay work. We used air drying clay which has a lovely texture and is easy to mould for little fingers.  With the clay we filled the template, building up the 3D figure. 

With a tooth pick we then added texture and/or decorations. 

Finally we painted the sculptures and most of the Mini Masters mixed some glitter into the paint. We used ordinary ready mix paint on the still wet clay. I find that air drying clay can be painted really well when still wet as you do not get any cracks. 

I've got some ideas for the last session but won't spill the beans as I know some mums might be reading this post!

Finally just wanted to mention that my items are now being stocked at Chelsea Flowers in Wilmslow. I am very excited, dropped off brooches, necklaces, bracelets, postcards and a cushion this morning. Do go and have a look if you live nearby. Look forward to some feedback!

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