Friday, 31 July 2009

Family fun day in Lyme Park

Today we had a family fun day in Lyme Park. We'd been there before, about two years ago after girl monkey had gone there on a school trip. She had not forgotten about our walk in the "jungle" and it was first on her list of summer activities for this year. As it was a beautiful day today (hooray!) we packed a picnic and off we went.

We found a perfect spot for our picnic near the lake on a fallen tree over which we draped our picnic rug. Although it looked lovely the reason was that girl monkey was wearing a very short summer dress and I didn't want her to scrape her lovely little legs.

After a walk through the park and a visit to the deer the monkeys were very keen to visit the gardens but also the house. Girl monkey still remembered several rooms from her trip and told me all about them. Reason enough for me to become a member of the National Trust. For years I resisted, thinking it sounded like a good idea but we wouldn't actually use our membership but now that the monkeys are starting to show interest in history I feel we might get our money's worth.

The house itself is beautiful and all the guides very helpful and very informed (and very Cheshire!). The monkeys got a little guide to search things in various rooms and there were many little red bags lying around the rooms for them to explore. Some had jigsaws, others items of clothing to try on and some binoculars which I thought were brilliant. They were from the ELC for those who'd like to try them out, I think I might get them as a birthday present.

The Victorian gardens are equally stunning but the best bit for the little ones had to be the "jungle".

I do not know how to describe this exactly but it is the area south of the lake, rather 'overgrown'. Upon entering this area the monkeys spontaneously started singing "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my".

This plant surely has the biggest leaves I have ever seen. If anyone could tell me the name I would be most grateful.

Now that we have got our National Trust membership I think we will go back soon again. There are some great activities over the next few weeks and months and it is certainly worth a trip for the whole family, young and old.

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