Friday, 3 July 2009

Easy Peasy Skirt

A couple of weeks ago I visited a fabulous yarn shop called Button & Skein (which sadly has since closed down) where I purchased a kit to make a skirt for girl monkey. I'd like to think of myself as an experienced seamstress but I couldn't resist buying this kit. I love turquoise, it had a fabulous design on it and the whole thing was kept together by a lovely pink polkadot ribbon. Now who could have resisted that? Besides it is quite nice sometimes to make something without having to think.  

If you've never made anything before then I can certainly suggest a Clothkit kit. All cutting and sewing lines are printed on the fabric and the instructions are easy to follow. However I did find their waistband instructions a little elaborate and would have suggested something far easier for the inexperienced sewer.

The skirt was made in no time and is just lovely. 

The proof of the pudding was in girl monkey's smile when she noticed it in her room. 

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