Tuesday, 14 July 2009

JS Bach/Zaha Hadid Architects @ MI09

I seem to be spending quite some time in Manchester City Centre and the Northern Quarter in particular these days. Today I went to a lunchtime violin concert by Michael Gurevich at the Manchester Art Gallery in the Zaha Hadid installation. Gurevich performed Sonata No 3 in C major. It was very, very impressive. The room was just stunning and the music, well I have no words. What a wonderful performance. The space is truly unique and I would urge everyone who hasn't been to try and get a ticket for these last few days (it finishes Sunday!).

I am quoting the brochure as I cannot top this description: "A ribbon careens high above the performer, cascades to the ground and wraps around the audience. The original, box-like room is sculpted into new, fluid spaces that swell, merge and slip through one another, creating an environment that's perfectly tailored to its purpose."

These aren't the best images but give some idea of the fluid lines of the installation.

My creations are not on my list or priorities at the moment, although I can hardly think of anything else, so I tried to make something today. Whilst tidying up I found a collection of my grandmother's doilies that I am trying to incorporate into cushions. And here is a start :

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