Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Glorious British Summer

Oh the glorious days of summer.... I had to get started very early this morning in order to achieve something today. My sewing machine is gathering dust but on the plus side I do manage to finish my books and pile of press cuttings in this beautiful sunny weather. Enjoy it while it lasts, we never know here. 

I have been spending too much time thinking these last few months and almost felt that I couldn't think no more but found myself contemplating a move to Notting Hill this morning as the local yobs have yet again targeted my car. I never had any love for hoodies but would like to punch down a few here and there.....

I made some random things today. I mended some items of clothing, made some brooches for sale and then made some bunting for girl monkey's cupcake party and for the school's summer fair this Sunday. My friend Liz and I will be manning the cake stall. She'd bring some doilies she said so I thought some colourful circus bunting would be appropriate for this festive event. 

I also made some kneeling cushions for the garden. I've seen them over the years in various fancy shops with hefty price tags and clearly never felt the need to buy these. Some weeks ago though after a lot of potting and planting I realised they could be quite useful. Luckily I had an old worn out pillow and an old oilcloth lying around which I cut up and made myself some practical gardening cushions in suitable print. 

Currently considering Take Three. Just heard that tickets for Wembley this coming weekend have been released at heavily reduced price. Apparently they need more people on the side of the stage for filming purposes. There is restricted view of the main stage but in full view of the B stage...... Now there's a thought......

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