Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mellow Yellow

Some time ago I wrote that yellow is not my favorite colour to work with but having put a few pieces together for my 'Rainbow Square' I am quite keen to start on this little project. I should have been in a mellow yellow mood for this tonight but a screaming little neighbour kept me up all night again last night, so sadly I have no energy at the moment. Hope to be back soon with some creations. 

As the monkeys are still off school I can't see to make a lot at the moment apart from food. Boy monkey chose a recipe from his Shrek cookbook today: Fuzzy Navel Cocktail! It sounds quite unpleasant but it was a really nice drink made with pineapple, orange and lime juice topped with a little fruit kebab of pineapple and strawberries. My little man was so pleased with himself. 
For tomorrow he has chosen Magical Morning Potions for breakfast. According to boy monkey they will make all ladies transform into Kylie Minogue and boys into dragons (did you know he is not even five?). If I do change I will put a before and after picture on the blog tomorrow.....

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