Thursday, 2 April 2009

Arts about Manchester

Oh, I love it when the sun is out! It really feels like summer. I couldn't bring myself to blog about our first dinner outside yesterday as I thought everyone would think it's an April fool's joke but we did and again tonight, a rare treat for this time of year in Manchester.

I had such a fabulous day today. I had a few things on the agenda starting with a T-shirts and Suits Coffee Club session in the wonderful Cup Cafe in Thomas Street. It felt so good being amongst all these lovely creative people who all wanted to support each other. David Parrish is brilliant for setting this up. 

I then went to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre to hand in my Think Pink yarn wrap for the banister and explore the studio spaces.

My last stop was the Manchester Art Gallery before heading home to get the monkeys. 
Now everywhere I went today I bumped into friends/fellow crafters/fellow craft teachers; it was totally bizarre but very nice. It felt like one of those lucky days. 

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Simon Fairbairn said...


Was a glorious day yesterday, wasn't it? Was good seeing you again at the T-shirts and Suits thing.

I've been looking at what you produce and you've got some real nice things here - love the Funimals - and also totally agree, Purple is an amazing colour.

Good luck with all this!