Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gate to Narnia

Well obviously this is not the gate to Narnia but to my allotment. After three years waiting I am finally the proud keeper of a plot. This lovely little blue gate is falling apart but it looks charming and is the door to a lot of excitement. 

The plot has not been looked after for a few years but  apparently those who did used to keep it really well. Since they were no longer able to work the land it has sadly been used as a tip and this is how we found it.....: 

....with some markings for beds and luckily with a few rhubarb plants to give me hope! The plot does feel like Narnia with new finds around every corner. Just about every piece of furniture imaginable was dumped but we also found some old wellies that can be used as planters, also some useful tools and lots of pots that will be scrubbed in the next few weeks. I say 'we' because my lovely friend Nikki digs along with me and keeps me company.

First attempt at digging!

There will be lots of clearing rubbish, learning, reading and seeking advice done in the next few months but it is most exciting. I will be keeping a diary; the potatoes and onions have been bought and plans are started to shape up for a lay out. One of my friends said that having a plot is really addictive and I think she is right. Now I am hoping for some warmer weather so that we can start sowing & planting!

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