Sunday, 24 March 2013

Digging first then to Birmingham we go

It may be too cold to plant but that didn't deter me from making beautiful trenches for the potatoes when eventually the snow & frost forecast disappears. Naturally accompanied by warm cups of coffee & biscuits to keep the energy up.

So far it's been an active day, getting up at the crack of dawn as Mini Betsy had to be dropped off to take a coach to Birmingham.

She'll be making her stage debut there tonight. Very exciting, we're all a bit giddy and spent all afternoon packing bags, making cards, wrapping presents and cooking. The Brazilian cheese breads are ready; the halloumi, chicken and leek pie is about to go in the oven. We'll have a lovely picnic when we get there!

My only worry now is the weather. I do not enjoy the forecast of blizzards & being stuck on the M6. Fingers crossed that all goes well. The good thing is we'll have plenty of food with us. As they say in the theatre world: "Break a leg".

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