Monday, 24 January 2011

Hunt for Storage

I moved house nearly a year ago now (help that went by far too quickly!) and am still unpacking boxes. I know that sounds pathetic but sometimes life gets in the way (and it did big time last year). And then there is the issue of where to put the things when you unpack them.

I don't find it easy at all to find anything that is affordable and nice, hence my upcycling of old things. I painted this turquoise beauty below, last year but until the beginning of the year when it replaced the Christmas tree it was kind of hidden behind an armchair. I had taken of the old knobs and replaced them with 8 antique ones that I had found in a lovely shop on Portobello Road a long long time ago. Unfortunately I needed two more and having moved away from the Capital of Great Finds I had a hard time finding anything decent. That is until I saw these in the John Lewis sale last week. I know they are not old and not just pale blue and white but so far no one has noticed any difference.

I do need another chest of drawers to go with this one. I am not into matchy-matchy so open to suggestions and am thinking possibly white or black to go on the other side of the fire place. I have just come across the FurniturebyCSN website and have seen a couple that might work really well.

I also did notice a fabulous bookcase that would just be perfect to display the Busy Betsy jewellery. It is called Elements, twelve square holes in a beautiful dark wood with rounded corners! I realise it needs a bit of saving up but it is always good to have a goal! If anyone knows where I can buy a lottery ticket with the winning numbers do let me know:!

Thank you!

PS Quilts will be added to the shop soon.

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