Thursday, 13 January 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

I have always had a real love for chairs, particularly early 20th Century ones and those designed by the various artists who've also designed for Alessi (a favourite brand of mine) in the latter part of the Century. Years ago I was tempted to buy the miniature chairs at the Design Museum in London but then realised that for that whole collection I could actually buy myself a designer chair so decided against that idea.

This week I went to meet with the lovely Charlie Haworth at Photolink in Manchester to discuss ideas about involvement with Redeye and saw some other fabulous chairs in wonderful colours. These chairs, named 'Casamania' were designed by the amazing Fabio Novembre and were created using a three-dimensional scan of two plaster sculptures; one female, one male. They are absolutely brilliant and will cheer up any meeting or dinner party.

One of the chairs that has been high on my wish list is the Barcelona Chair in white by Mies van der Rohe, but common sense tells me that these chairs can only survive in an environment without little monkeys. So until mine have grown up I shall not even think about these. In the meantime I thought I should just admire the Panton and Eames chairs in the Vitra range and particularly the chairs in the Kartell range. Now among this last group is my all time favourite chair by my absolute favourite super duper top designer Philip Starck so imagine my surprise when Santa brought me these:

Two Louis Ghost chairs!!

The chairs fit beautifully in my redecorated white dining room and go beautifully with the contemporary yet Victorian surrounding. I never thought Father Christmas thought I had been this good but I must have done something right last year. I shall continue what I am doing and who knows what the bearded man might have in his sack for me next year!

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