Sunday, 11 April 2010

Pottering in the garden

After some drilling and sawing I finally had the chance to potter around the garden today. It was yet another glorious day in sunny Manchester and the monkeys had all their sports equipment set up in the garden leaving me to deal with my own things.

My lovely friend had come over from Chester and got me these Sweet Peas, apparently they can grow up to three metres. I am not really a gardener but I am learning as I go along.

I am a lucky girl because I have a shed where I can keep all my little pots, seeds and tools and I was very happy organising it all on the shelves and hooks. I can now see how happy my father has always been in his shed.

Having grown up in the country side in Holland I added some sentimental touches to the garden: I found an old brush in the cellar and got the old wooden clogs out. I have said before my cellar is a treasure trove and after some rumbling around I found a sweet little hen that I had hidden amongst the plants but when the monkeys found her, they made a little shrine for her.

I then spotted an old wind lamp that I put on the "new" garden table.....

... and then we found a little treasure in the garden too:

a beautiful mushroom. I told the monkeys not to touch it as I heard that mushrooms in the garden can be poisonous, I think we better get a garden guide and wise up!

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