Sunday, 4 April 2010

Jellytot toasting

Although there seems to be no change to my daily routine (still getting up early and looking after the monkeys, thinking about work, doing the chores and coming up with new designs) I do have a holiday feeling. The last few school holidays were really hectic with work and/or moving house but this time it seems I have a bit more time on my hands.

I was able to paint a few more walls today, thanks to the neighbours who were looking after the monkeys and cooking me a lovely Sunday lunch.
As it was such a nice day again the little ones spent the whole day outside. They put up a tent in the garden and even persuaded my neighbour to sleep outside with them. I happily declined, it is far too cold still to sleep outside. The monkeys were very keen however; they'd never been camping before. They had made a little pantry in the tent and taken food for breakfast and their midnight feast. They'd also taken about all the cuddly toys and cushions from two houses to make the tent cosy. Nicely wrapped up in about 5 layers of clothes with about another 5 layers of duvets/sleeping bags/blankets and a hot water bottle they were all ready for bed. Well nearly anyway. What else is needed for a camping adventure? A campfire! So as the hot chocolate was being made the little ones gathered around the campfire to toast jellytots (in the absence of marshmallows). It was getting dark just after eight and by half past eight they were all nicely tucked in.

I then went back home, feeling slightly sad to miss out on the fun but feeling more sorry for the neighbour who was leading this adventure on her own. It wasn't to last though.... half an hour later I got the first phone call to say that boy monkey wanted to come home to mummy and five minutes later girl monkey came crying in as one of the other monkeys had made her scared in the dark.
Bless them. Not sure if there is going to be another camping adventure soon. I think next time I will have to come along but will only do this when it is warmer. Call me a Sissy but really it's got to be more exciting than sleeping in my own back garden if it is going to be 0C!

Happy Easter everybody!

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