Monday, 5 April 2010


For years girl monkey had wanted to choose her own colours for her bedroom but I always had to tell her that the landlord might not like her choice of decorations. Now finally she is allowed to have what she likes. I never thought I would agree to paint her room pink but she really deserves to have the room she wants.

The colours throughout our new house are a little dull (apart from the salmon pink hallway!); they are all shades of beige with a hint of mauve although it doesn't really show in this photo. I have got great plans for the rest of the house but had to start somewhere so I started at the top. Girl monkey helped me a little and is now really proud of her 'new' room.

After a few days of decorating this is the result : a candy floss room ....

.... and I put up a family tree decal. The little picture frames with family photos will go up later in the week and I will have to repaint some of the woodwork but so far the work has been appreciated.

Of course I now need to start planning boy monkey's room. He'd like a football room and has settled on a red white and blue theme as these are all Manchester United colours. I am trying to find some classy wall paper though, perhaps striped or some vintage wall paper. I really liked the Cath Kidston football wall paper a few years ago but sadly that is not in the collection any more. If anyone knows where to get it, please do let me know.

I think I have overstretched an arm in the process as my shoulder is a little sore, I might run a relaxing bath in a little while but for now will enjoy the Comedy Gala on C4. Awaiting my favourite comedian.....

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