Sunday, 29 November 2009

Holidays are coming...

It is not even December yet but I can feel a festive feeling in the air. The Coca Cola advert is on the telly and friends have expressed their cheer on Facebook and Twitter. Christmas trees are being hauled into shops and the Christmas Gift Fair season has started.

Today BB2 and myself were in Fallowfield. The morning started slowly, probably due to a drizzle and cold wind but we had a lovely afternoon, selling nice jewellery and trinkets.

We will be at Ivy Manchester on 5 December, Northern Lawn Tennis Club, Didsbury 6 December, Manchester Craft Mafia at the Whitworth Art Gallery 12 December, Broadstone Mill, Stockport on 20 December. We will be at several private events in between. Our party information is available on our website

Hope to see you soon!

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Jackie said...

Is this a craft fair at the Whitworth? I did one last year on 15th and was hoping there would be another but didn't hear about it.