Wednesday, 18 November 2009

In the pink

I am in good spirits, BB2 and myself attended the "In the Pink" event at Virgin Active in Didsbury tonight and apart from the comment : "Did Richard Branson clear out his cupboards, haha" we had fantastic feedback on the new range and were delighted that many lovely customers found Christmas presents.

We had brought with us chunky funky jewellery, beads, bags, bangles and brooches.

You might wonder what the items in the lower right corner (photo above) are. I can tell you that this is bunting, lovely colourful bunting. This can be used in the garden, in the kitchen, party room, bedroom, wherever you fancy really to brighten up a room. There is a reason for this explanation. In the past few weeks I had some interesting requests: little bit of string to hang up our Little Shopping Bags to be used as laces, clothes peg clips to be used as tie clips but tonight I was asked whether these colourful bits of fabric were men's thongs! Well I ask.... needless to say the girl in question was very embarrassed when she found out the triangles were something else. However, if there are any takers, i quite happily sew a few together to make for a funky Christmas surprise, I'd even sew some pompoms on.

For those of you who watch Big Brother, the lad with the little girl in the picture above is Stuart, selling raffle tickets. Doesn't mean anything to me as I do not watch the show but I assume he must be local.
We met some really lovely beautiful people tonight and hope to be in touch with them for some time to come.
I am now going to put my feet up, tomorrow is another busy day. XXX

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