Saturday, 21 March 2009

Manchester Tourism

As Mr Betsy is coming to work in Manchester again, the monkeys and I thought it would be a good idea to familiarise him with some of the cultural hotspots in town. It is great to be a tourist in the place you live sometimes. And for those of you who didn't know, truly :

Our first stop was Afflecks (previously Affleck's Palace). A fabulous place for original gifts and clothing but worth a visit for the elevator alone. The lift makes funny sounds at every floor and the pictures on the walls are great. The monkeys love it. 

Next stop was the Manchester Design and Craft Centre. The Northern Quarter is full of fabulous shops but this centre houses some truly fabulous designers. I fell in love again with a beautiful coat (I am saying again as I'd seen it before at a fair). Today saw the opening of an exhibition organised by UK Craft Mafias. 

There was live music, a funky knitting corner and a craft table for little ones but above all a lovely cup of tea and a mountain of delicious cupcakes served by the nicest ladies. 

ArtYarn organised yarnbombing, a wrapping of the banister on the first floor with some knitted and crocheted pieces. I think I'll have a go as well. 

Last cultural stop was Urbis. Girl monkey doesn't really like lifts (the one if Afflecks was just about OK) but she really does like the glass one in Urbis. On the way there boy monkey spotted the guitar on the Hard Rock Cafe. He's always been drawn to guitars so when we left Urbis to go for some dinner there he couldn't stop smiling. Girl monkey was in for a treat as well. She happened to go to a toilet with text from one of her favourite bands:

Smiles all around. Looking forward to Mother's Day tomorrow!

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