Monday, 9 March 2009

Craft supplies

Oh dear, what can I say. Instead of producing some work today I went out to buy more supplies for my never ending list of ideas. However, the craft fairs are looming and I've only got a few weeks to prepare. If I could just focus on this it would be great but there are some other fabulous things going on that need my attention. A few hundred bags to decorate, a pitch for art classes to be prepared, some nighties to be designed and I need to get the Phoenix stall up and running. 

The last few days I've spent recovering from my stage debut at the Manchester Opera House. A rather grand way of describing my experience but it was fabulous though. I had the part of a Chinese peasant in Turandot and an Egyptian slave in Aida. I absolutely loved it! And after coming off the stage I thought the best parts were taking off my wig and seeing my own hair again and walking out of the stage door into the big wide world again. I can see this being addictive! 

Here's what I need to do with the materials above :

1. Beads for necklaces (started one, in PURPLE!)
2. Ribbons for more pillow cases
3. Kensington Lace, silk ribbon and marabou trimmings for a nighties order

Let's see if I can get this done this week......

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